If there is one thing that we can count in life is change. Since the second we are created, change becomes part of our system. We start from one single zygote cell that suddenly becomes two, then four, then eight … these cells multiply, changing and specializing into different tissues, giving form to our body, to our vehicle.  With the clock ticking this vehicle is also in continuous change. Our body grows older and we are changing every second, even if we can’t see it.  Change is a non-stoppable process, it’s part of our nature and it’s outside us as well, in the sky, in the landscape, in the weather.Oddly enough our mind tends to resist it as much as possible.  Change can represent fear: fear of the unknown. Sometimes because of this fear, we fight hard to keep our youth, to keep the same job, the same place, the same partner … even when are not happy with those anymore.  And just like that, many people keep themselves from living, from experiencing life in a bigger sense.  I’m not saying we should not cultivate the things that make us happy, rather we should welcome change not as a threat, but as the factor that makes us expand and that makes life interesting (and fun!!). The real adventure starts when we dare to step out of our comfort zone.

Being brave to embrace change means embracing yourself as part of the movement. We are not an organism or body affected by changes in life, we are the change itself, we are the movement. Realizing that gives us freedom to pursue the things that make our heart sing. And that’s the reason we are here in the first place 🙂

In the end it doesn’t matter how many curves or U-turns your road has, but how much you celebrate and enjoy that path, how much you grow within it.