Who has ever lived the expectation of leaving your home country to study other language abroad, knows the uncertainty and the anxiety that go through your mind. How is it going to be? How is going to be the school, the teachers and the accommodation? Will I enjoy the experience besides the investment in my skills? The innovative proposal of Magic Window provide the language school to produce a promotional short movie about the international students experience in its dependence and in the city he/she has chosen to study in.

Magic Window team, with long experience in international exchange program for teenagers and young adults, prepare an exclusive screenplay for the school telling the adventure of studying abroad and the advantages offered by the institution. The professionals of Magic Window are in charged of all details of the video production that should be uploaded on the school web site accessible for potential students who so will have a small sample of what are waiting for them.


There is nothing like Australia! The idea of this short movie is to promote this great country and to motivate students to live and study there.